GUESTS: How my love for peptides began

Kako je počela moja ljubav prema peptidima

We all know about vitamin C, retinol and all the other great ingredients that help the skin look healthier, brighter and smoother. And what about peptides? Are they necessarily reserved for older ladies or can everyone use them?

My first encounter with peptides probably happened without me even being aware of it, but now when I look at some creams that were perfect for me, I see peptides in their composition. I had a serious and conscious encounter a year ago while testing a serum with peptides that quickly made my skin look better, more elastic, smoother and even-toned. The creams got a completely different irresistible texture when the serum with peptides was added to them. Then I started researching a little more about them, looking for products that would contain peptides so that I could enjoy their benefits as much as possible.


Recommended peptide percentage and homemade product

I was pleasantly surprised with Olival's Professional set P, which included a serum and a cream with a high concentration of peptides. Does it exist in our country?
Peptides are put in the same basket with anti age ingredients and that is ok, but not necessary.
They are so adaptable to various routines and skin types, and in addition to working in parallel on tone, elasticity, even tone, texture, moisture, they will be an excellent addition to active ingredients for all skin types. Olival Professional set P does exactly what it promises.

The serum has a beautiful texture, you can use it applied to slightly damp skin and lock in oil or drip it into a cream. The peptide cream has a divine texture of whipped cream, spreads and absorbs very well, and leaves the skin taut, radiant and hydrated.

Peptide cream P

Peptides are not reserved only for mature skin

If you have doubts about how and when to introduce peptides into your routine, this set is a great introduction to the world of peptides that will delight you, I believe, just like me. And everyone will love it, regardless of age, condition or skin type. Timeless care that knows no boundaries, complements the effect of all other ingredients , and maybe you were missing the peptides to bring your care to perfection.

Author of text and photos: Dubravka @skincare_beauty_truth

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