Service Production

Thanks to many years of experience in creating formulations and practical knowledge in the production and registration of cosmetic products, Olival has been engaged in production as a service for many years, from the idea to the finished product . Olival's experts have so far designed and put on the market more than 1000 different products of other brands and brands for numerous small and large companies in Croatia and abroad.

In cooperation with Olival , it is possible to create formulations and produce all forms of high-quality products - emulsions, ointments, creams, lotions, shampoos, baths, gels, soaps, tonics. At the same time, the production of cosmetics is accompanied by the creation of accompanying documentation in accordance with EU requirements.

Production from the service includes an excellently equipped production facility, production in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice and the highly demanding HRN EN ISO 22716 standard . Permanent and high-quality cooperation with the Croatian Institute of Public Health enables the registration of cosmetic products, as well as cosmetics with a special purpose.

Production from the service is also possible in small batches, with a contract that guarantees secrecy and privacy of the project. We are at your disposal for all questions and cooperation proposals.

Please include information about product type and initical product quantity. 

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