Personalized Care Routines

Do you have questions about serums, how to use them, how to combine them? Don't know what to choose for your skin type, condition and needs? How exactly to take care of your hair? Contact us via Facebook, Instagram or the form below , we will be happy to help you find the right routine and products.

It is necessary to briefly describe the type and current condition of the skin (if there is a specific situation), as well as the specific phenomena or needs of the skin that you want to affect (acne, comedones, dehydration, wrinkles). We will also need general information about your current care routine (what steps it consists of and what types of products you use and prefer).

Counseling is not a substitute for a dermatological examination, and in case of any serious problem, we will first refer you to a specialist doctor.

We reserve the right to ask additional questions or request a photo of the face/part of the face in order to determine and suggest adequate skin care products as easily and as precisely as possible.

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