What is the skin cleansing phase and how to overcome it

Što je faza čišćenja kože i kako je prevladati

The introduction of active ingredients such as acids and retinoids can sometimes lead to a skin cleansing phase known as purging.

The skin cleansing phase is actually a term that simplified the process of a kind of reaction of the skin to the introduction of specific ingredients or products.

The use of active agents such as AHA and BHA acids, as well as retinoids, accelerates cell turnover. As it takes weeks for inflammatory acne to develop, at the time of treatment, these weeks are shortened and the whole process becomes faster. We can see this by the somewhat more frequent and noticeable appearance of irregularities that appear on the surface of parts of the skin where they are normally present (for example, the chin area).

Purging is a frequent subject of various discussions, especially because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish it from mere irritation. We bring you a list of tips that will help you adjust your routine in the right way and help you successfully overcome the adjustment period, and at the end you will be greeted with healthier skin and a glowing complexion.

Slowly and patiently with the introduction of active ingredients

The number one question is not which products to avoid, although retinoids and acids will not be needed or suited to every skin. It is important how to use certain products correctly. If you inform yourself in time about all the ingredients and how to use them, you can already know in advance what to expect from the product. It's even better if you know your skin completely and know how it might react, but this is often not the case.

Peeling tonic AHA PHA

What we would definitely like you to pay attention to is introducing too many new products at once. If you have decided on an exfoliant with AHA acids and have not yet used acids in your routine, start with a lower percentage and do not introduce anything else that could potentially damage the skin's hydrolipidic barrier. The same applies to all other active ingredients that we will list. In this case, the Peeling Toner AHA PHA is an excellent choice because it is extremely gentle on the skin and at the same time effective. Use it twice a week at first, and increase the frequency of use only if it suits the skin and if necessary.

Salicylic acid is another ingredient on the list of those that can cause the so-called cleansing phase for skin prone to comedones and inflammatory acne. Pleasant peeling with Microexfoliant leaves the skin soft and smooth, which is why it is sometimes difficult not to get carried away with daily use. However, this is not really necessary for most skins. An ingredient like salicylic acid works deep so that even when you're done exfoliating and washed off your face, the salicylic acid continues to work. More resistant skins can use salicylic acid up to three times a week, but for most it is enough to use it once to a maximum of twice a week for fantastic results and an even texture. For skin more sensitive to exfoliation, use as needed, for example twice a month. Follow your skin and you will notice when you need this step.

After purging comes more beautiful skin

Retinoids are often unfairly accused of causing irregularities and worsening the condition of the skin, but in fact they need a special dose of patience. As with AHA and BHA acids, it is necessary to start with lower percentages and slowly start "getting used to" the skin. Retinyl palmitate is the mildest form of retinoid you can start treating your skin with, and you'll find it in Vitamin Serum R² . If you feel that your skin still needs the action of a more specific ingredient, then 0.1% retinaldehyde in the Vitamin Serum RA will do the desired job. Since this is the maximum allowed over-the-counter concentration of this ingredient, expect changes.

Professional set RA

Again, knowing your own skin can help a lot here, but it's best to start slowly with the introduction of the product itself. In contrast to Vitamin Serum R², which is applied to wet facial skin, you apply Vitamin Serum RA to dry facial skin every third evening. You increase the frequency of use to every other evening after about two to three weeks of use. No less important - you can only use one type of retinoid or one product at a time, and apply the necessary sun protection every morning.

Only gently and without unnecessary "digging"

The mentioned products containing AHA and BHA acids or retinoids are not used for standard cleansing of the skin from make-up and SPF. You will remove them in detail using the double cleansing method with Microemulsion and Amino Gel , without further drying out the skin.

When choosing facial cleansing gels, stay with those that will not further damage the hydrolipidic barrier of your skin and do not introduce too many new products with different purposes at once. If irritation does occur, you will not be able to attribute it to any of the products you started using at the same time. Also, we must emphasize that touching and "picking" on the skin slows down the entire process and additionally damages the outer layer of the skin. Try to avoid that too.

Professional SPF

Don't skip hydration

The skin should not sting or tighten at any time during the cleaning phase. The solution is abundant hydration with a suitable cream, ideally one that you know has never caused you irregularities. Light creams that leave skin hydrated and soft to the touch are key while exposing your face to active ingredients.

In addition to moisturizing cream, you can always moisturize the skin additionally by using moisturizing tonics that will balance the pH of the skin and make it more resistant to external influences . We always like to mention that daily use of SPF significantly affects proper hydration, but also protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. SPF should be a mandatory part of everyone's routine, and it is the best prevention of premature skin aging. Therefore, at the very beginning of using the active ingredients, pay attention to proper and regular hydration and do not skip it under any circumstances.

Professional set 4H

Don't worry, purging doesn't last forever

Prepare for the possibility of pulling all the impurities to the surface, but do not give up lightly. During the cleansing phase, irregularities will appear in those places where comedones and acne normally appear. They should disappear after about a month and a half, but this can also vary depending on the skin itself, routine, even age (the older we are, the slower the cell turnover). However, if the appearance of new pimples continues after 8 weeks and in places where there are none, then it is probably an irritation and you should stop using the product, or revise your routine and see if the irritation was caused by a specific product or a combination of several of them. Also, the cleaning phase does not bring phenomena such as burning or rash, so in case of such reactions it is definitely advisable to stop using the product and return the routine to "basic settings".

It should be kept in mind that the introduction of specific active substances is a longer-term process that allows the skin to go through a kind of renewal and shine in its full glory. Be prepared to patiently hydrate the skin, protect it from the sun and avoid any unprofessional squeezing. And after that - expect the best version of your skin yet.

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