Hyperpigmentation is solved with tranexamic acid

Riješi se hiperpigmentacija uz traneksamičnu kiselinu

Tranexamic acid is a derivative of the better known amino acid lysine, and its use in cosmetic products first became popular in Asia. Women have started using it in their routines to successfully lighten and even out skin tone, and find out below what the overall effect will be and which ingredients complete its action.

Suitable for almost all skin types and conditions

The first thing to emphasize is that tranexamic acid is mostly tolerated by all skin types and conditions. It is a safer and less irritating alternative to prescription products that are also used to treat skin prone to hyperpigmentation. It has an extremely gentle effect on the skin, soothes inflammation and reduces gradual redness.

However, its main effect is related to the lightening of spots, and it also helps with the appearance of melasma, a chronic skin condition that appears as a result of UV radiation in combination with genetic, hormonal and other factors. It is precisely because of the different hormonal picture that it often occurs during or after pregnancy. Since melanocytes are activated when hyperpigmentation occurs, tranexamic acid actually works by inhibiting their activation and gradually reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin. [1]

It reduces the visibility of spots even during pregnancy

The action of tranexamic acid is also enhanced by the use of other ingredients that help treat discoloration, such as niacinamide and vitamin C. That is why in the Vitamin Serum B3 we combined a treatment percentage of 8% niacinamide with 1% tranexamic acid, along with soothing magnolia extract. The special feature of this serum is that it can be combined with products that contain vitamin C derivatives (such as Vitamin C+ Serum or Vitamin C+ Emulsion), if you wish. In this case, due to its completely liquid texture, Vitamin Serum B3 is applied in the morning immediately after washing, and before Vitamin Serum or C+ and SPF emulsion.

By combining niacinamide and tranexamic acid, a more active action is enabled, which, with the mandatory daily use of sun protection cream, gives the desired effect faster. With regular use, you will notice the first significant results after eight to twelve weeks of use. During the treatment of the skin with tranexamic acid, it is the SPF that will prevent the formation of new spots and thus enable longer-lasting results. In addition to primarily acting on brown spots, tranexamic acid in combination with niacinamide will also act on secondary acne spots.

Vitamin serum B3

Adaptable in various routines

Since tranexamic acid is suitable for use in various skin conditions and as an ingredient is extremely adaptable, it can be combined with retinoids . That is, if you use retinoids in the evening, we would suggest that you use Vitamin Serum B3 in your morning routine on slightly damp skin and then apply SPF.

Otherwise, you can use the B3 serum, available in the Professional set B3 , in the evening, and in the morning, before the cream with a protective factor, apply only Vitamin Serum C+ or Vitamin Emulsion C+ . With daily use, tranexamic acid will even out the complexion, give the skin a special glow and reduce the possibility of new unwanted blemishes.



[1] Bahareh Ebrahimi and Farahnaz Fatemi Naeini, Topical Tranexamic Acid as a Promising Treatment for Melasma https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4235096/ , accessed 17.12.2021.

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