How to put together a basic skin care routine

Kako složiti osnovnu rutinu njege kože

Whether you just recently started researching skincare products or you already know a lot and read a lot, but you can't find the ideal routine for you - it's always best to start from the beginning. Everyone has the same desire - to get their skin to its best possible condition and appearance without too much hassle. However, no success, including improvement in the condition of the skin, comes overnight.

In any life situation, when the seasons change, when you are under extra stress or when your usual routine simply stops working and you don't understand what is happening, our advice is to start with basic care . Back to basics.

Microemulsion and Amino gel

Cleaning is a step you don't want to skip

Always and at every opportunity, cleaning the skin from impurities that accumulate during the day is not skipped. The use of ordinary soap as a cleaning method is absolutely advised to be avoided. Due to the very alkaline pH value (above 9), classic soaps are too aggressive for use on the skin of the face and in fact often cause problems that are to be avoided. We wrote more about why soap should be avoided when cleaning the skin of the face here , but that does not mean that it is enough to wash the face with water, especially not in the case of using hard tap water.

Facial skin cleansing can be done in one step or in two. The best way to decide this is to review your habits. If you don't wear "heavy" make-up or SPF during the day (which we definitely recommend) and if most evenings you simply don't manage to spare even 10 minutes for facial skin care or your more sensitive facial skin reacts quickly to new products - we suggest using a nourishing milk or micellar solution, after which the skin is washed with water. A single cleanse is better than skipping a cleanse altogether!

Double cleansing won't be the answer for every skin type, but we advise you to consider it if you have a balanced to oily, blemish-prone skin type. Double cleansing completely removes SPF and makeup, and extremely gentle cleansers such asMicroemulsion and Amino gel will not damage its natural protective barrier. For those who adore the scent of immortelle, double cleansing can also be started with one of the following products - two-phase micellar solution 2in1 Smilje or Smilje nourishing milk . You can do the second step in the Smilje cleansing variant with the Micellar Gel or the Smilje Micellar Foam , and they are also excellent as gentle cleansers for the morning routine, together with the aforementioned Amino Gel. Morning cleansing with the mentioned products is necessary in those cases when the layer of evening care remains on the skin of the face and when the skin is more prone to oiliness. Undemanding skin type is sometimes enough to wash in the morning with just water.

Hydration – the key is consistency

Gentle cleansing is followed by hydration. Extremely important in both the morning and evening routine, and necessary for all skin types. In addition to hydration, dry skin also needs fat replacement, which is achieved with lipids and emollients, while dehydrated skin needs (exclusively) moisture . If you have a habit of avoiding hydration, the natural balance is lost, which increases the secretion of sebum and the skin becomes more sensitive.

Professional SPF

Precisely for this reason, the choice of moisturizing cream should be adapted to the individual needs of the skin. Richer creams are necessary in the care of dry skin types, and lighter, fast-absorbing textures will suit mixed to oily skin types. Hyaluron hydrator 4H is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to additionally hydrate the skin before applying the cream, and it is important to know how hyaluronic acid is applied to slightly moistened facial skin. Here we have described in detail how much facial serum is enough and how to apply it, but be sure to keep in mind that the serum is better absorbed after being patted into the skin. A plus tip for all those who love oil care is the Omega Elixir based on squalane, a "non-oily" oil that is similar to the skin's natural sebum and is suitable for oily skin. It is ideal for use in the evening routine as a final step.

In the morning, remember that applying SPF is extremely important! Sun protection protects against cumulative damage and irritation, and indirectly also against signs of premature aging of the skin. In other words, all the serums, all the steps in the routine become null and void if you don't protect your skin from the sun. So after a light wash with one of the products for the second cleansing step that you also use in the evening, apply SPF liberally. The sooner you start with daily use of sun protection and stick to the basic care of cleansing and hydration, the sooner you will see visible changes in your skin.

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