PiQuit - the first Croatian DEET-free icaridin-based repellent

PiQuit - prvi hrvatski DEET free repelent na bazi ikaridina

PiQuit was created as a safer and more effective alternative to conventional repellents, but also to those created on an oil base and the power of essential oils. A non-greasy texture without a pronounced scent, high efficiency and ecological formulation are just some of the benefits of PiQuit.

What is icaridin

Icaridine (also known as Saltidin® KBR 3023 or picaridin) is an active substance synthesized in 1980 from the natural raw material piperine. Compared to the active substance DEET, icaridin provides longer-lasting, continuous and safer protection against mosquitoes and other insects. The advantages of icaridin are as follows:

- does not cause irritation or hypersensitivity of the skin

- reliably protects adults and children over 2 years old

- doesn't accumulate in the environment and doesn't harm nature

How PiQuit works

The receptors of mosquitoes and insects respond to the release of carbon dioxide during respiration, human heat and the secretion of sweat. PiQuit serves as an invisible "mantle" on the surface of the skin that blocks the reception of these signals and provides protection against stings.

Three types of repellants for all occasions

PiQuit Active mosquito repellent spray contains 20% icaridin and provides up to 12 hours of protection. It is ideal for trips to tropical areas or longer stays outdoors . Piquit Everyday mosquito repellent with 10% icaridin offers up to 6 hours of protection and is an excellent choice for short trips to nature, work in the garden and evening walks. PiQuit Sensitive variant for up to 6 hours of protection contains 10% icaridin, but also almond oil and aloe vera for additional skin care for children and adults.

PiQuit repellents against mosquitoes and other insects are quickly absorbed without feeling greasy or sticky, they are safe for objects made of plastic or synthetics and are suitable for all ages, purposes and needs.

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