Why squalane is (so) special and what this oil does for the skin

Zašto je skvalan toliko poseban i što sve ovo ulje čini za kožu

The sonorous, even somewhat "juicy" word squalane denotes a light oil - and an increasingly popular ingredient in face and body care products. Due to its more than interesting properties and natural origin, it easily finds a place in oil mixtures, creams and lotions, and thus also in the care routine.

Squalane became a real hit in the world of cosmetics a few years ago, when its benefits became widely known. But what exactly is squalane? It is a stabilized form of squalene, a substance discovered already in 1916. It is one of the substances present in sebum, the natural fat of the skin that is secreted by the sebaceous glands and thus moisturizes and protects it in a natural way. However, as the skin ages over the years, this secretion slows down more and more, and the skin becomes dry, stiff and less resistant to everything that we expose it to every day.

Wealth from olive oil

Since squalene was originally isolated in the liver of large marine fish (which, among other things, helps them survive in the depths), squalene from animal sources was initially used in skin care. Today it is known that squalene is naturally synthesized by plants, animals, as well as fungi and bacteria, and participates in important metabolic processes in the body.

There are many vegetable sources of squalene from which squalane is hydrogenated (and thereby stabilized). Plant oils such as palm, sugar cane, rice, soy, corn, peanut and amaranth are rich in it. However, perhaps the most famous source of squalane in cosmetics today is olive oil.

Stable, gentle and does not clog pores

Squalane used in cosmetics is a clear, low-viscosity oil that is odorless and colorless. Although the very term oil at first associates with something extremely greasy, squalane is not that. It is very often called "non-oily" oil because it is absorbed into the skin very quickly and does not leave a very greasy protective layer on the skin , but only gives it a light shine.

The peculiarities and benefits of squalane are really countless. This oil is extremely stable, which means that it will not oxidize easily and lose its nutritional properties. In the case of squalane, even the comedogenicity of the oil is not in question, since this substance has an extremely low comedogenic potential. Precisely because it is in some way related to the skin, i.e. its natural fat, it will suit every skin type.

Omega Elixir

Prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from aging

Despite the fact that aging is a natural process and outcome for all of us, premature aging of the skin can be avoided with quality care. We expose our skin to various stresses every day, such as UV radiation, low temperatures, wind, cigarette smoke and smog. All of the above greatly affects the health of the skin, and the oil component of the care comes in handy as a kind of natural shield that will protect and nourish it.

Squalane is a natural antioxidant rich in omega fatty acids that protects from oxidative stress and damage from the inside and outside. In addition, it has the dual role of humectant and emollient, which means that it simultaneously attracts water to its molecules and "brings" it to the skin, but also prevents it from drying out. Squalane is an exceptional ingredient also because the skin tolerates it very easily, i.e. it does not cause irritation. In fact, since it has an antimicrobial effect, some studies support the fact that it also helps with skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrhea and acne.

It easily fits into the routine

The beauty of squalane is its multifunctionality. It can be used in face, body and hair care. It is suitable for all skin types, and can be applied as a single oil or as part of a well-balanced oil complex such as Omega Elixir . It can be applied as the only product in care, mixed into your favorite cream or used as the last step , after serum or even after serum and cream. This method of layered application allows the products to be absorbed better and to retain as much moisture as possible in the skin, and is ideal for the evening care routine.



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